Paint Correction and Protection

Bead Water

Your vehicles paint goes through a lot of abuse - scratches, bird droppings, tar, sap, rail dust, improper washing techniques. We're here to help, contact us for information on how to properly care for your paint or schedule it in at Forthright Auto Care for Correction and Protection.

As #smooth as glass


From wet sanding to ceramic coating and everything in between Forthright Auto Care has the skills and knowledge to take your paint to a condition beyond new.

Finally got to do a test run with some #ceramiccoating after a 3 Stage #paintpolish..jpg


Tractors, cars, trucks, boats and planes we cover it all. Let us restore the finish on any of your rides so you can fully enjoy them again.

Happy 4440420 everybody! Have a great weekend!😛


A 3 Stage polish can be exactely what your paint needs after excess wear, or especially on dark colors. This customer wanted his paint to glow like new and that's just what we did!

3-stage #paintpolish and a sealer on top leaves this beaut smooth as glass and protected for up to 1